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Content Rich, Theme Based, WordPress Websites and Blogs!

As a graphic designer and web developer, I absolutely love working with Content Rich, Theme Based, WordPress Websites and Blogs! Stockpile Media is the name of my one-man design studio, and this website serves as a living portfolio of my work. Occasionally I’ll throw in random smatterings of ancient wisdom.

For many years I've been involved with website development and design, both full-time and by contract, as well as online and affiliate marketing, content development and search engine optimization. I am most comfortable navigating the Wordpress platform and recommend it highly to most of my clients, because of it’s ease of operation, support network, and literally thousands of packaged themes. You might say I’m a big fan of WordPress!

The Stockpile Media brand has naturally evolved to become the identity of my work and my art.

Stockpile Media

I use proven formulas that help you to build World Class, Content Rich, Theme Based, WordPress Websites or Blogs... Whatever your business model dictates! From design to development to deployment to social media engagement.

WordPress is a powerful semantic publishing platform, and it comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible. Which is why I choose to use WordPress almost exclusively.

It is the same technology that powers over 20 million sites on and global sites like CNN and the New York Times.

Can you build an awesome website without using WordPress? The answer is of course Yes. But why would you?

With all the features that come with WordPress, right out of the box, such as WordPress Themes, and WordPress Plugins, you can have a professional looking, easy to maintain, fast and furious website in no time at all!

There is only one other exception to my standing rule of using WordPress exclusively, and we’ll get to that in later. So for now let’s dive into the awesome world of WordPress and get you started on an amazing journey!

Build profitable businesses, not mere websites or blogs...

Use these simple tips to return higher conversion rates!

Update your Design

Quite simply, better conversion rates depend on better website design. Let’s start by understanding the role that better website design plays in returning higher conversion rates. Read more

Clear Homepage

Your Homepage conveys your message, or at least, it should, and if it does not make it clear, you need to spend a little time re-writing your content and looking at your overall design. Read more

Value Proposition

Your value proposition is the 'goods or services' that you provide. Take some time to find out exactly what it is you do, and write down your 'keyword rich' value proposition! Read more

Call to Action

This is where you draw your customers in and direct them to move on to the next level in your relationship with them, i.e.; Fill out a form, or click over to the sales page. They do this gladly! Read more

Quality Images

It should go without saying that this is a crucial part of the design process. People are visual and the better your site's images, the better your site looks. Read more

Choose your Colors

Also a crucial part of the design process, colors can mean different things to different people, and not all your favorite colors will complement your site's theme. There's proven psychology behind this one. Read more

Social Engagement

Not all Social Media networks are created equal, and your site may not do well on certain networks, but it's a safe bet to Share your site with the two big ones! Read more

Got Freebies?

People love, and I mean LOVE Freebies! So if you don't have any freebies now, it might be a good time to start thinking about adding Free downloads of some kind on your site. Read more

Stockpile Media uses the U-Design WordPress theme...


More on Plugins
You may need to extend and add to the functionality that already exists in your WordPress site, and this is where Plugins come in. Plugins offer custom functions and features to your website. Read More about WordPress Plugins here...


More Income from your Site!
Whether a static website or blog, if it is to become a business, is the "easy part" that comes between 1) the planning and 2) the traffic-building and converting of that traffic into money. Content-Traffic-PREsell-Monetize. Find out more right here...

Complete guide to building a business on WordPress:

Why settle for less? Get the most out of your WordPress installation!

I can show you how to take full advantage of the rich and powerful features of WordPress to transform your basic blog into a more advanced and professional website AND blog as quickly and painlessly as possible. You may also find out more about WordPress by visiting their parent site at

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